Saturday, September 15, 2012

Paint and Rainbows

I don't know too many parents that don't have even a little hesitation when their children ask if they can paint.  I think even the best ones still have at least a small intake of breath and drop of the shoulders when painting is requested or suggested.

My kids love to paint.  Paint pictures. Pictures on paper, on stones, on faces, on blocks of wood..if it can be painted then they will have a go at it.

The thing with painting in my house is that if one wants to paint then everyone wants to paint and it turns into a huge exercise.  Next minute the table is lined with newspaper, the paints are out, glasses are half filled with water, brushes are lined up, sleeves rolled up and the smell of paint has permeates through the room.  All this can happen in minutes!

I think what keeps me on edge with paint, especially with the little ones, is that it gets over everything. Fingers, hair, faces and clothes!
And if its all over those things when it comes time to wash up it could end up on the walls, couch chairs and whatever else is on the way to the bathroom.
This is very scary!

I do however, love the creativeness of children's minds.  Unlike me, whenever I have a paint brush in my hand, my mind goes blank and I never know what to paint.  Clearly painting is not a gift of mine.  Children don't need to ask what to paint, they just choose a colour and a brush and away they go.  Oh how envious am I!!  I usually end up painting a rainbow every single time.  How original!

 Isn't this cool! 
Even if it is just the paint plate!
Speaking of rainbows.
This was outside our window just a few days ago.
A pity there wasn't a pot of gold at the end of it since it was almost in touching distance.

Maybe painting rainbows isn't so bad after all.

Happy Weekend to you. May you do something that is just simply...well!
All you need is a box!


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