Thursday, August 23, 2012


Winter for me is my least favourite season.  Everything is asleep, dormant, and lying low.  I like to  lie low too.

Home is where I like to be, hibernating.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) one has to venture out at some stage even if its to the grocery store.

Winter is all about...

Mud....this is in the paddock next door to us.  Three boys + mud + oodles of energy = mountains of washing!!!  Need I say anymore!  (You can feel sorry for me if you like)

Cows, cows and more cows... its calving season round these parts....
Gumboots...winters uniform!
Essential for winter sport watching!
Gods abundant supply of a winter remedy!
I just love how God has everything all worked out, right down to the abundant supply of fruit that has all the essential goodness that we need during the winter months!
But to see me through these winter months I love to find things that I can delight in, small things that provide me with a smiling ray of sun (even when its crappy weather outside)
Delightful things like...
Small people and playdoh...
my three pet puddle ducks, Jasper, Jemimah and Jillian...
the first of springs gifts, flowers from a friend...
Springs first flowers for me is like a sign of hope, that winter that WILL come to an end.
The rare day when washing can be dried on the line in th elate winters sun.  You can almost smell summer on the clothes if you burying your nose deep into the washing and this ones a goodie!
This one warms my heart.  Big brother Casey (11) made his wee sisters a 'Tinkerbell' house!
 But the thing that is delighting my soul the most at the moment is....
a good old pot of tea!
Tea ALWAYS tastes better out of a teapot and even better if its in a cup with a saucer!
This is relaxing and peaceful no matter when or where you drink it.
 Conversations with a friend, the early morning wake-up cuppa, the post lunch cuppa or the 4pm cuppa when you are trying to ward off the urge to raid the marshmallow or chocolate chip container!  Yes I do do that! 
 Desperate times makes for desperate measures I tell you!!
I have noticed that the things that warm my heart the most are the little things, each days little touches.  Moments, that if you let them, go un-noticed.
But I encourage you

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